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Understanding academic program costs and margins


Higher education institutions struggle to identify and gain agreement on the financial margins or financial contributions of various academic programs and departments.

Typically, 70 to 80 percent of the total costs of an institution are related to faculty and staff, or personnel costs. Managing costs efficiently and effectively is absolutely critical to sustainability, and informs decision-making  on where to invest and how to properly staff.

Making strategic and well-informed decisions—and engaging faculty and other stakeholders in finding appropriate solutions—requires real data and a clear understanding of an institution’s cost profile.  

Join us for a webcast to better understand a proven methodology that will provide a thoughtful and logical approach to identifying financial academic contribution margins. The approach will provide you with better direction on how to execute a similar program in your institution and gain credibility with various stakeholders.


  • Key cost definitions in colleges and universities
  • Cost profiles: Critical cost attributes and frameworks
  • Building useful profiles to inform action and decision-making
  • Presenting information in a usable format

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This program is designed for higher education professionals overseeing the financial contributions of academic programs


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