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Refocusing risk practices to fight modern threats


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Networks and applications are complex entities that control, and require, significant financial commitments. A growing number of threats exist that could interrupt these environments and put those investments at risk.

Join us for a discussion about the reality of modern attackers and some tactics to protect your environment.

Traditional IT audits address and mitigate basic security and operational risks, but modern attacks bypass many mechanisms organizations implement to protect their networks. Attackers do not slow down and wait for you to catch up, and legal changes are causing organizations to scramble for answers.

This webcast will:

  • Identify how IT risks and security is currently being handled within the real world
  • Present examples of the most common attacks that are used to breach companies over the past 18 months
  • Showcase the underground market where attackers are making money from the breach
  • Provide an overview of the latest security programs and tools that can help defend and protect the network

The session will be broken into various modules covering subjects such as malware, social engineering, Web applications, mobile devices and advanced security controls.

Who Should Attend:
COO, CSO, CIO, internal audit, CTO, IT auditors, risk management and security representatives, board members, general counsel



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